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this morning I went to tha doctors of course juss my luck they took more blood..I got tests to see if I have something wrong wit my liver.. I dont think I do.. but its nice to make sure... Im talkin to Reggie now I mean I like him but then again I dont so he is juss a friend and thats cool bc he is madd chill to talk to.. I talked to Riana a lil bit today she is crazy.. I miss her already she sent me pix but they wouldnt upload my computer is stupid... today is 5 years that we been livin in my house my mom and pat havent stopped fightin... they never do.. my sister is stupid lol she thought her car was broken but it wasnt.. **Note To MY Girls/Boys** My Mom is goin away again nexx week... Man lass night was my first night alone in 2 weeks I was so lonley and bored but I guess since school is comin I gotta get used to it well gg bye bye gettin ready to chill wit Luis
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