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MADD! & guilty bc of Justin likin me so now im tha bad person... [08 Feb 2003|01:19pm]
[ mood | guilty ]

this is 2 Keri...who I thought was one of my best friends... you have no right to be madd at me... I dnt like Justin like that we are friends and u sayin I was mad at you bc of tha whole thing is sum bullshit bc me n him ARE JUSS FRIENDS.... thats all...he likes Kim to are you mad at her no... but fuk that Keri.. all tha shit I put up wit n stood by your side tryin to help you and u tell me u was madd and tha best was how u say he only likes me bc Im not a virgin thats some fuckin bullshit righ there 4 real.. I don care anymore you think u got problems well so do I but Im not keepin my head down and obviously me thinkin me and you were such "best friends" wasnt real bc your only best friend is Kim.. and 2 her if my name comes out of your mouth to Justin Ima be mad as hell at u... i don need yall im juss hea 2 g2 school I got my TRU FRIENDS who dont get madd at me bc a stupid boy WHO I DONT LIKE likes me and not them,...... GROW UP GOD DAM....

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a lil mad [07 Nov 2002|10:56pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

me and David have been threw alot I know.. I mean there has been so much good shit then bad.. when something bad does happen its tha worse.. I do love him no matta what.. and I cant change that no matta wha I do..I wish everyone would realize that I cant change tha way things are.. and yea we fight but that happens... and everyone keeps gettin mad bc I got back to him.. its like no one is eva happy they want me to be wit him one day then tha nexx tha actin all buckwild.. I juss wish they would understand that i dont care wha they think any more and ima do me!!

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Tired [01 Sep 2002|10:19am]
[ mood | tired ]

hey.. welll Jacquie stayed hea from Tuesday til Friday we went to AnnaBeles on Thursday and hung out wit Motor and Dramain blah blah blah.. AnnaBele made me kinda madd bc she was actin stupid.. on thursday night my mom went away so when I was in tha shower Jacquie got some kids to come hea whoa... they was ugly.. LOL! well Friday Erin came hea and we walked around this whole town juss to walk then AnnaBele called hea and said she was at my house so we had to walk back home.. Saturday I went to tha doctors wit AnnaBele for her eyes.. then we went to her house and her aunt was there her cousin is so cute I want him and my neice to meet aww they would be so cute... well then we came back to my house and April came ova then lata that night Jay came over.. OH MY! lol then Erin came over then we chilled didnt do much but we had fun.. Jay kept makin fun of AnnaBele it was pretty funny but I felt bad.... well today hopefully my mom will take me to get my sneakers but we might hang out wit Dramain and his friend Chris... well gg does ne one have 6th period lunch

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[26 Aug 2002|09:37am]
[ mood | loved ]

ok last night when I was upstairs.. my phone started to ring I didnt know who it was bc I didnt recongnize tha number on tha id.. well it was Motor who I havent talked to in like a year or more then that.. well when he called all he kept sayin was I love you but I didnt know who it was so I juss kept askin.. then he was like wassup baby quess who it is... then finally I realized it was him I was so happy bc I missed him u know.. well he asked me if I was gunna be up and he was gunna call back so I called Keri so I would stay up and so I can give her some of my happiness.. LOL Keri.. well then finally he called back and I told Keri I would call her back.. so we hung up and I clicked over to him.. we was juss talkin and it was weird bc we havent talked in so long... but it felt good.. then he asked me how long have I been his sweet hart omg its been since I was 12.. when I was 12 and he was 15 I had tha biggest crush on him actually I think I was 11..so we talked bout that.. and I am really happy for him bc he changed alot.. we talked for like an hour.. caught up on alot he might come threw if my mom goes away so now I gotta get AnnaBele hea bc his boy likes her. which works out pretty good.. dam I still cant get over tha fact that I talked to him that shit is crazy... its weird.. lass time I talked to his friend he was tellin me Motor asked bout me but I didnt think that much of it and I said u should tell him to call and he did 3mnths lata.. but atleast he called... I dont even know if Dramain told him to call but he called so im happy well i gg if u wanna know more bout wha happen (keri) hit me up

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i hate eric [25 Aug 2002|09:30pm]
[ mood | angry ]

ok my cousin is a really big asshole I swear to god I hate him so much.. he talks so much shit.. god dam.. sittin in my house thinkin he run shit.. tellin me wha Im doin when im talkin to pple or sayin im a hoe fuck that stupid asshole I hate him so much he aint my cousin no more and he should be back in jail stupid i hope u read this too

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[25 Aug 2002|08:40pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Today I went shopping for a lil bit of things.. I got a red skirt wit black in it.. wit a red shirt to match.. then I got a beige shirt to match these black white and beige pants... now I gotta get some nice shoes and anotha pair of sneakers... Steve came by he is so funny lol he was so happy which was cool I love him he is tha best.. We was tickling eachother and throwin tha ball he is like my brother/sister.. u know... well now I am talkin to Kapone he is madd chill.. I respect him bc he respects me which is cool bc I dont get that alot usually its juss a peice of booty or some gangsta shit that aint worth it.. but him he tells me it aint worth gettin outta trouble one of tha only boys I know to stay out of it.. well my mom might be leavin till friday and leave tuesday Im so happy! lol and Jacquie might come over Tuesday which will be madd chill cuz I aint seen her since b4 I got suspended.. well gg bye bye

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[23 Aug 2002|04:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]

today I went to my aunts house my cousin loves my neice it was so funny he kept tryin to hold her and kiss her... we went to go get an out fit for my moms party tomorrow I seen Nicole.. wow I really need to get a job I must of filled out 15 apps. this summer ahh... I am so bored I shoulda went to ny stupid me.. I might chill wit Mike this weekend I dont know ne more wha I want.. lass night outa no where he imed me and sayd I love u what is a girl to do... I am so bored so im juss gunna stop writin bye bye

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[22 Aug 2002|10:56pm]

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caught up [22 Aug 2002|10:20pm]
[ mood | confused ]

ok I am goin out wit Mike.. I like him a lil bit I mean we went out b4 ofcourse I got feelings for him.. but then again I am thinkin bout other pple I already cheated on him twice.. and when I say come over he dont or if someone is at my house he dont want to bc he wants to be alone... I really dont wanna hurt him or at tha same time get hurt.. but he is really makin me madd when ever we talk he is always tired I mean I know he wouldnt cheat on me so why did i do it to him? I dont know I juss dont know what to do can someone please give me some good advise I need it...

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Doctors [22 Aug 2002|03:32pm]
[ mood | devious ]

this morning I went to tha doctors of course juss my luck they took more blood..I got tests to see if I have something wrong wit my liver.. I dont think I do.. but its nice to make sure... Im talkin to Reggie now I mean I like him but then again I dont so he is juss a friend and thats cool bc he is madd chill to talk to.. I talked to Riana a lil bit today she is crazy.. I miss her already she sent me pix but they wouldnt upload my computer is stupid... today is 5 years that we been livin in my house my mom and pat havent stopped fightin... they never do.. my sister is stupid lol she thought her car was broken but it wasnt.. **Note To MY Girls/Boys** My Mom is goin away again nexx week... Man lass night was my first night alone in 2 weeks I was so lonley and bored but I guess since school is comin I gotta get used to it well gg bye bye gettin ready to chill wit Luis

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cant sleep [22 Aug 2002|02:21am]
[ mood | grumpy ]

its almost 2*30 in tha morning i cant sleep.. I keep thinkin bout everything that is goin on... I hope nothing changes wit me and riana.. and I hope that she dont end up gettin hurt in florida... usually she makes tha right decions so hopefully this one is right... she was scared to tell me bc she didnt want to get me upset bc she would get upset again I understand though.. this is something she has to try and do... if we try hard to keep in touch then nothing will change as long as we tell eachother things... she is my best friend and I guess its tru wha they say u really miss tha person when they arent around anymore.. well i gg I gg to tha doctors at 8*30 2morrow morning and i cant sleep...

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Chill Time [18 Aug 2002|11:54am]
[ mood | drunk ]

Nana April and Me.. lol thats pretty bad.. since my mom went away we was tryin to get into as much as possible when we had tha chance.. well we juss decieded lets get drunk but we didnt have ne one to get us wha we wanted so we decieded lets try and open my moms liquor cabinet.. we tried everything it would not work for shit.. finally we asked tha boy across tha street he said juss take tha back off then put it back so thats wha we did.. We started by makin sum strawberry daquiries and lemonade wit vodka.. well then we got more out we took tha puerto rican rum out and got tha apple shnapps we was makin sure we was gunna have some fun.. we ended up drinkin for like 6 hours... we was wallin out dancin singin shit.. I went to clean tha pool but got ended up goin in in my skirt and basketball jersey.. april was sayin how my straw fell in her mouth and Nana oh my she was booty dancin then when steve came ova she was grindin wit him and that shit was funny exspecially cuz he is gay.. I got pix of that too..we had madd fun though.. tha most fun we had in a long time it made me realize that I can have fun wit my girls like I used to and thats wha ima keep doin.. gg bye bye

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[26 Jul 2001|04:25pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

Hey.. Wassup? today me Annabele and Desi made our DEMO tape it wass aiight a lil low so we migh do it again... I am so happy me and David have been goin out since tha 5th thats a new one for us we usually break up every otha day..It sux though bc he is leavin for Peurto Rico 2morrow and then he will be back for 2 days then they have to go to PA for sum basketball camp for tha team he coaches.. well i dont have much to say so Im bout to be out aiight.. 1

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