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Chill Time

Nana April and Me.. lol thats pretty bad.. since my mom went away we was tryin to get into as much as possible when we had tha chance.. well we juss decieded lets get drunk but we didnt have ne one to get us wha we wanted so we decieded lets try and open my moms liquor cabinet.. we tried everything it would not work for shit.. finally we asked tha boy across tha street he said juss take tha back off then put it back so thats wha we did.. We started by makin sum strawberry daquiries and lemonade wit vodka.. well then we got more out we took tha puerto rican rum out and got tha apple shnapps we was makin sure we was gunna have some fun.. we ended up drinkin for like 6 hours... we was wallin out dancin singin shit.. I went to clean tha pool but got ended up goin in in my skirt and basketball jersey.. april was sayin how my straw fell in her mouth and Nana oh my she was booty dancin then when steve came ova she was grindin wit him and that shit was funny exspecially cuz he is gay.. I got pix of that too..we had madd fun though.. tha most fun we had in a long time it made me realize that I can have fun wit my girls like I used to and thats wha ima keep doin.. gg bye bye
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