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MADD! & guilty bc of Justin likin me so now im tha bad person...

this is 2 Keri...who I thought was one of my best friends... you have no right to be madd at me... I dnt like Justin like that we are friends and u sayin I was mad at you bc of tha whole thing is sum bullshit bc me n him ARE JUSS FRIENDS.... thats all...he likes Kim to are you mad at her no... but fuk that Keri.. all tha shit I put up wit n stood by your side tryin to help you and u tell me u was madd and tha best was how u say he only likes me bc Im not a virgin thats some fuckin bullshit righ there 4 real.. I don care anymore you think u got problems well so do I but Im not keepin my head down and obviously me thinkin me and you were such "best friends" wasnt real bc your only best friend is Kim.. and 2 her if my name comes out of your mouth to Justin Ima be mad as hell at u... i don need yall im juss hea 2 g2 school I got my TRU FRIENDS who dont get madd at me bc a stupid boy WHO I DONT LIKE likes me and not them,...... GROW UP GOD DAM....
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