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hey.. welll Jacquie stayed hea from Tuesday til Friday we went to AnnaBeles on Thursday and hung out wit Motor and Dramain blah blah blah.. AnnaBele made me kinda madd bc she was actin stupid.. on thursday night my mom went away so when I was in tha shower Jacquie got some kids to come hea whoa... they was ugly.. LOL! well Friday Erin came hea and we walked around this whole town juss to walk then AnnaBele called hea and said she was at my house so we had to walk back home.. Saturday I went to tha doctors wit AnnaBele for her eyes.. then we went to her house and her aunt was there her cousin is so cute I want him and my neice to meet aww they would be so cute... well then we came back to my house and April came ova then lata that night Jay came over.. OH MY! lol then Erin came over then we chilled didnt do much but we had fun.. Jay kept makin fun of AnnaBele it was pretty funny but I felt bad.... well today hopefully my mom will take me to get my sneakers but we might hang out wit Dramain and his friend Chris... well gg does ne one have 6th period lunch
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